Alfred J. Kwak

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Alfred J. Kwak
Alfredjodocuskwak logo.jpg
Genre Comedy
Developer Herman van Veen
Production company Telescreen B.V.
Country Netherlands
Original run April 3, 1989 - March 29, 1990

Alfred J. Kwak is an animated television series based on a theater show by Herman van Veen. The show is about a duck of the same name, who became an orphan after losing his family to a tragic car accident. He is adopted by a close friend of the Kwak family, Henk the mole, and throughout the series, Alfred goes on many adventures.

The Great Race (S1E06)

Andy (Hannes in the Dutch translation) wins a race with the help of medicine that gives him a burst of energy. However, this medicine is intended only for elephants to take. The after-effects of the medicine cause Andy to swell up.