Zip Zip

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Zip Zip
Genre Comedy
Slice of Life
Developer Aurore Damant
Anne Ozannat
Production company GO-N Productions
Country France
Original run March 23, 2015 (Germany) - present

Zip Zip is a French television series that premiered in 2015. It was created by Aurore Damant, based on an idea from Anne Ozannat. The show follows a group of wild animals who move to the city after growing tired of living in the forest. To avoid being sent back by animal control, they don costumes to look like domesticated pets. They get adopted by the Livingstones and try to not be exposed.

The Unsuitables (S01E05)

Sam has gotten too fat to fit into his costume. When trying to exercise, he winds up under the care of a woman who feeds him cookies. Washington learns that she plans to make ham out of him and rescues Sam, who trims down enough during the escape.

Pride Cometh Before the Fowl (S01E45)

The Livingstones bring home a live chicken named Petunia, and Washington can't help but imagine eating her.