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Woody Woodpecker was a series of animated cartoons from 1941 to 1972. They revolved around the titular woodpecker in various situations. It was created by the Walter Lantz animation studio and distributed by Universal International.

The Woody Woodpecker Show

Ration Bored (1943)

Woody siphons gas from a police car. The cop gets back at him by blowing into the tube Woody was using.



The Dizzy Acrobat (1943)

While the guard of the circus was laughing, not knowing, Woody Woodpecker tied up the elephant's trunk to a fire hydrant, making the elephant inflate with water until the guard unties the trunk and let out all the water.



Destination Meatball (1951)

Buzz Buzzard not knowing what's going on, the bike pump hits his head a couple of times, then it inflates him for a brief moment before deflating.



Banquet Busters (1948)

A mouse eats an entire cheese, making his belly the shape of it.

Ballyhooey (1960)

The NUTZ-TV studio guard throws Woody into a tire that is being showcased as part of a show, causing the air from the tire to go into him.


After flattening Wally Walrus from a laundry machine, Woody inflates him to his normal size with a tire pump.



While when woody is blowing up balloons in Walter’s house for the Halloween party, Woody blows up a balloon with his beak, but it blows back into him.

The New Woody Woodpecker Show

It's A Chilly Christmas After All

While Smedley was checking and inflating toys for Santa to put in his sled along with the other toys, Chilly appears and immediately inflates him before he could take him out, Smedley keeps floating and bouncing for a few seconds before he could release all the air from his ears.

Inn Trouble

After Wally Walrus flatten a hippo couple with the door then taking a picture afterwards, he then had two bottles of Sarsaparilla and then shoves them to the couples mouth, and the pressure of the drink since he shook them made them inflate slowly. Woody Woodpecker tried to stop him but the hippos got so big they popped.



Couples Therapy

After Woody laughed at Ms. Meany getting wet, unexpectedly, Woody gets grabbed by a mechanical hand while a water hose inflates him until he starts flying around.


Woody stumble upon a large table full of food that he decides to stuff himself crazy until he's stuffed, giving him a round body afterwards.