PAW Patrol

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PAW Patrol
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Genre Action
Developer Keith Chapman
Production company Guru Studio
Spin Master Entertainment
Country Canada
Original run August 12, 2013 - present

PAW Patrol is a Canadian computer animated television series created by Keith Chapman that began airing on Nickelodeon in August 2013. While it is considered a Nick Jr. program, it also regularly airs on TVOKids. The show is an action-adventure series about a team of talking dogs that work together with their leader, a human boy named Ryder, to help the people of Adventure Bay solve numerous problems.

Pups Save the Corn Roast (S02E10b)

Rubble briefly gets stuffed from eating popcorn during the Corn Roast.

Pups Save a Stowaway (S02E15b)

Zuma eats a pup treat to make room to close the briefcase full of them, he's briefly seen with a belly.

Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups vs. the Dome (S06E24b)

Mr. Nibbles/Copycat gets a tummyache from eating too many pies. In the end, he is shown again when Haily attempted to offer him a slice of pie.

Moto Pups: Pups Save the Donuts (S07E22a)

The Ruff-Ruff Pack get stomachaches when they had to eat through a giant donut to escape. In the end, only Gasket and Dwayne are shown with bellies.

Mighty Pups Stop the Hiccups (S10E09b)

Liberty inflates a balloon in order to stop Nano's hiccups.