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Genre Comedy
Developer Mattel
Production company Mattel Creations
Country United States
Original run July 20th, 2018 - present

Enchantimals is an animated web series based on the Mattel toyline of the same name, launched in 2017. It stars girls who are hybrids of humans and animals and their co-responding pets.

The Meltdown

Spoiler warning!
This article contains details of the ending and/or a surprise plot element.

After Bree Bunny's attempt to serve ice cream at a faster pace goes haywire and results in a huge mess, she and Twist manage to prevent the ice cream from melting. Twist does this by eating so much ice cream that she ends up bloated and uncomfortable to the point of refusing any more.

Battle of the Branches

In the end of the scenario where Compass, Ringlet and Jayla sledding down the hills, We see Compass swallow the ice cream and stuff herself.