Danger Doll Squad

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This article contains images that may be inappropriate or unsettling for minors. Please read with caution.

Danger Doll Squad is a comic book universe created by Dan Mendoza, Jason Martin, and Bryan Seaton. It is one of the titles under the Danger Zone line of the publisher Action Lab. While it debuted in 2017, each of the characters—Zombie Tramp, DollFace, and Vampblade—have their own series, which were released earlier. There is also their enemy Amalgama, who has all three of their powers and was given her own title afterward.

Vampblade #1, 2017

Vampblade is forced to swallow interdimensional parasites.

Amalgama: Space Zombie #2, 2019

Amalgama runs out of energy when cornered by mutants and has to start eating their brains as she goes.