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Camp Camp is a comedy web series made by Rooster Teeth, released in 2016. It follows a group of kids and counselors at the run-down Camp Campbell in the summer. One camper, Max, hates it there and is at odds with David, the cheery head counselor who wants everyone to have a good time.

Camp Cool Kidz (S01E04)

Preston drinks lots of soda after the campers take over the camp.

Night of the Living Ill (S02E13)

While looking for medicine, Nikki eats some dehydrated food.

Culture Day (S03E14)

The platypus eats all the food meant for the Culture Day feast.

Time Crapsules (S04E18)

Max sets Gwen up on a date with Jake Stonewall, one of her high school crushes. However, he turns out to be less attractive than he was back then.