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On The Big Cartoon Wiki, we follow some guidelines to help keep the wiki organized and promote a healthy community. These rules apply to all pages, subpages and the forums.

If you break a rule the admins may revert your edit and give you a warning. If you repeatedly break the rules, you will be restricted from posting for up to a week. If you continue to break the rules after your block expires, you will be permanently banned from posting on the wiki. More serious offenses can be grounds for an immediate ban. If anyone is found violating these rules, you may notify us on the Help and Support subforum or create a topic on the discussion page of any administrator.

For an in-depth explanation of these rules, visit our FAQ.

What are the rules?

  • Treat other users with respect. We are an inclusive community.
  • No excitement, fantasizing or expressing how much you like a scene.
  • Be mature. Do not complain, excessively argue or be disruptive.
  • Do not advertise external sites unless they are related to the wiki.
  • No expressing your desire for underage characters. It is not tolerated here.
  • No spamming edits. A few edits in a row are fine, but please don't clog up the Recent Activity page.
  • No complaining about the source of a scene, or what gender/species the character is.
  • Do not post pictures of yourself, or any other real person, on this website. This is not social media.

How do I make a page?

  • At minimum, your page needs a title, image and where people can find each scene.
  • Isolated images are not allowed. Please add images to pages with the gallery function.
  • Read Help:Writing Articles for guidelines on how to make the perfect page!

What pages are allowed?

  • Any cartoon, comic or game where a character's belly expands.
  • Characters that are cartoons, puppets or CG animation.
  • Screenshots organized in the gallery format, not individual thumbnails.

What isn't allowed?

  • Live-action actors, pregnancy, or growth that does not involve the belly (eg. head or clothing inflation).
  • Images featuring realistic violence that exceeds a PG-13 rating, such as gore or dismemberment.
  • Fan art or explicitly fetishy media like Super Fatty RPG. These can only be linked on your user page.
  • Creating categories other than species, country or company unless you are an admin.
  • Creating pages that are blank, opinion-based or plagiarized from websites.
  • Links to full-length episodes or gameplay videos. Edit videos to just the specific scene.
  • No links to piracy (ie, no links to comic scans or torrents).