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Have a question? Check here first!

What are the rules?

These are the rules to this Wiki. Read them first to familiarize yourself with our site!

I want to add a page! How do I do that?

First, type title) in your address bar (replace (page title) with what you want to name your page!). Then you're free to create your own page! But first, check out this guide if this is your first time! And remember, write out your article in your own words! Plagiarism is not allowed, and any pages found to be guilty of this will be marked for deletion.

What categories are allowed?

Only species (human, mouse, dog, cat, etc.), medium (game, cartoon, movie, etc.), studio (Nintendo, TMS, Frederator, etc.), and type of expansion (air inflation, liquid inflation, vore, etc.) are allowed. If you are not an admin, you can not create any categories outside of those four.

What types of expansion are allowed?

Anything that results in the belly inflating! It can be inflated with air, liquid, and food. Even vore counts, but only if the belly visibly expands. For instance, anything from the anime/manga series Attack on Titan would not count, because even though it is vore, it doesn't result in the belly expanding. Something like Kirby from the Kirby video game series would definitely count for this wiki, since his belly does expand.

Any other expansion, such as muscle, macro, and pregnancy are not allowed. These are all very common and broad types of expansion and by allowing them, it would generalize the focus of the site too much. We also do not allow characters who are big by default (for example, Majin Buu from the Dragon Ball manga).

Finally, the actual belly has to inflate. So no clothing inflation. Characters thinking that they're getting big also doesn't count if there's no visible expansion (dream and imagination sequences are allowed if they show a belly expanding!).

Why can't I add this scene?

Remember, if the belly doesn't expand, it doesn't count! For example, Puffy Wario, from the Wario Land series of video games, doesn't count because only his head inflates. The Fat Wario transformation does count, because his belly gets bigger.

We are currently not looking to expand our list of inflation types, so pregnancy will still not be allowed, even if the belly expands. We also do not allow pregnancy even as a gag (for example, Cosmo getting pregnant in the Fairly Odd Parents episode "Fairly Odd Baby").

I have a problem! Where can I contact the admins?

You are free to visit the page of any administrator and leave a comment if you have a problem! We'll try to help you to the best of our ability. If you really have a problem that you'd like to communicate in private (such as a disruptive member on the site), then you can visit Argentite's Twitter and send a direct message. This way, you won't potentially draw the ire of someone who is bothering you.

The scene I want to add is a spoiler, or contains mature content! What do I do?

You can add the {{Spoiler}} tag on your article while editing! For mature content, add the {{Content_Warning}} tag while editing! For the record, realistic gore or any type of realistic nudity is not allowed on this Wiki, regardless if you add a content warning.

Why isn't live-action allowed?


It's called the Big Cartoon Wiki.

Why isn't explicit fetish content allowed?

We want to focus on cataloging scenes that may be hard to find, or even be obscure to the general public. If a game or comic is explicitly made to cater to this fetish (for example, noone's Fatty Text Adventure game), then it's obvious where the scene comes from. Looking at any random screenshot of an expansion scene would lead to questions such as, "Where did this come from?", or, "What's the context?". That's what we're here for!

Why don't you allow fan art?

We work to catalogue every belly expansion scene in the media. Just like adding muscle or pregnancy, allowing fan art would drown out our normal contributions. We are not an art gallery. If you want fan art, Deviantart and FurAffinity are excellent alternatives. Fan art also isn't allowed on your user page.

I want to add a video! How do I do that?

Currently, this Wiki only supports links to YouTube videos. To link to a video, write out <youtube>(link)</youtube> and replace (link) with the link to the video.