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Aladdin is a media franchise created by the Walt Disney Company, based on the original Arabian folk tale. It started with its first film in 1992, later gaining sequels, a television series, and more. It follows the adventures of Aladdin, who is a street urchin, as well as his love interest Princess Jasmine, monkey partner Abu, and the magical, wisecracking Genie.



Genie jiggles his belly to make it bigger, lifts it up, and then asks Aladdin if he looks different to him.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves

In the intro, Genie as a pig, bloats up before he bursts into confetti.

TV series

Air Feather Friends (S02E01)

Magic Carpet pumps up Genie.

Moonlight Madness (S02E16)

Genie pumps himself into a huge balloon to block the moon in order to end the curse of the were-jackal.

Of Ice and Men (S02E22)

Genie takes a deep breath to blow away a spirit.

Caught by the Tale (S02E24)

Abis Mal tells a story about Aladdin, and alters the story to make Aladdin fat and weak.

Witch Way Did She Go? (S02E39)

Genie drinks a lot of water from a bowl to take down a snake made out of sand.


Poof Spoof (Disney Adventures, January 1995)