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==The Big Rubout! (The Power of Shazam! #21, 1996)==

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Plastic Man is a superhero created by Jack Cole in 1941 for Quality Comics, later acquired by DC Comics. He has the power of elasticity, being able to stretch and shape his body into any form. He is also one of the first superheroes to add humor into action stories.

Satan's Son Sells Out to the Japs (Police Comics #9, 1942)[edit]

The Brain of Cyrus Smythe (Police Comics #11, 1942)[edit]

Oh, Plastic Man! (Police Comics #14, 1942)[edit]

Murder in Maniac Mansion (Police Comics #17, 1943)[edit]

Police Comics #44, 1945[edit]

Police Comics #72, 1947[edit]

Plastic Man Vol. 1 #11, 1948[edit]

Plague of Plastic People (Plastic Man Vol. 1 #22, 1950)[edit]

The City Was Starving On a Full Stomach (Plastic Man Vol. 1 #22, 1950)[edit]

The Electronic Gun (Plastic Man Vol. 1 #24, 1950)[edit]

The Magic Cup (Plastic Man Vol. 1 #25, 1950)[edit]

Maker of Monsters (Plastic Man Vol. 1 #40, 1953)[edit]

The Bounding Bandit (Plastic Man Vol. 1 #41, 1953)[edit]

Trio of Tyranny (Plastic Man Vol. 1 #50, 1954)[edit]

The Incredible Sleep Weapon (Plastic Man Vol. 1 #51, 1955)[edit]

The Wizard of Light (House of Mystery Vol. 1 #160, 1966)[edit]

How to Make a Super-Hero! (The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1 #123, 1975)[edit]

The Night the Mob Stole Xmas! (The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1 #148, 1979)[edit]

The Big Rubout! (The Power of Shazam! #21, 1996)[edit]

Rebound (Plastic Man Vol. 4 #1, 2004)[edit]

Continuity Bandit, Chapter 1 (Plastic Man Vol. 4 #8, 2004)[edit]

Justice League of America: Another Nail #3, 2004[edit]

The Most Evil Book of All Time! (Plastic Man Vol. 4 #13, 2005)[edit]

The Edwina Crisis, Chapter Two: The Death of Billy Batson (Plastic Man Vol. 4 #19, 2006)[edit]

Green Lantern/Plastic Man: Weapons of Mass Deception, 2011[edit]