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Zoboomafoo is an American-Canadian TV series created and produced by Chris and Martin Kratt. The show aired on TVO and PBS and ran from January 1999 to November 2001 with some stations continuing to air re-runs due to the show’s renown. The Kratt brothers star and host the show alongside Zoboomafoo, a talking lemur puppet that is at first portrayed by a real lemur until he is fed and gains his ability to speak. The show takes place in a location known as Animal Junction where various animals from all over the world wander in and visit the trio, allowing them to learn and observe each creatures’ behavior and unique way of living.

During certain points of each episode, Zoboomafoo will be reminded of his adventures in the fictitious Zobooland, which transitions the show to segments of stop-motion animation as he tells the story.

Homes/Great Singers/Bathtime[edit]

Gooble slurps up a large puddle of goobleberry jelly that Zoboomafoo and Green Puppy were playing in. as Gooble's Body and Belly blows up like a balloon and into a big round ball

Bears/The Four F's/Messy and Clean)[edit]

After mimicking bears eating a lot before hibernation, Zoboomafoo tells the Kratt brothers about his friend Gooble in Zobooland who also enjoys eating and sleeping. Gooble wanted to fill belly full of Goobleberries as he finds some he starts singing and eating so many. he eats so many his belly inflates into a potbelly. He then falls asleep with his full belly sticking up as zoboomafoo sleeps on it.

Snow Day/Climbing/The Four F's/Hot and Cold/H2O[edit]

Gooble comes to mount zoboomafoo with a full belly. when he says that his fat will keep him warm Gooble wobbles around as his belly bounces up and down as it sloshes. But is unable to climb due to his big belly. Wiggy then drags Gooble up the mountian as they make it to the top. as Gooble's big belly protects him from the cold.

Night Time/Fierce Creatures/Fearfest[edit]

Gooble is shown sleeping a Goobleberry patch with a full belly and his soles sticking out. Zoboomafoo and Sensit bounce on Gooble's big belly like a trampoline as it sloshes and wobbles. <under construction>

Pop Goes The Tiger/Humans/Armour[edit]

Gooble's belly inhales up before Cy bounces off his head. Then is slightly overweight while Zoboomafoo, Sensit, Slimemantha, & Narchi try to stop Baby Zoboomafoosaurus. Gooble grabs on and slows them down due to his big weight and pats his belly in relief. <under construction>

Green Creatures / Grow, Zoboo, Grow[edit]

when Zoboomafoo and Sesnit grow giant size to find Sensit's little sisers an overview shot of Gooble is seen very briefly stuffing himself full of Goobleberries and rubbing his big belly <under construction>

(all of these animation sequences were also recycled in other episodes such as: “Messy and Clean”, “The Four F’s”, and “Water Creatures” with different dialogue to tell slightly different stories.)