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YooHoo & Friends is an South Korean animated series based on the toy franchise of the same name that originally aired from July 1, 2011 to December 23, 2011 and the English dub version received mostly mixed to negative reviews from Western critics. It was concieved by Cow and Chicken creator David Feiss as a prank, but the network that saw it approved highly and greenlit it as a full series.

The series takes place when Father Time punishes five evil executives by turning them into small, cute animals, based on endangered species, to stop any ecological threat they may have been involved in.

Mole Berries (S02E13a)[edit]

A product by Nasty Corp. was supposed to give people a single beauty mole. Instead, it gave them multiple moles, as well as moles (the animal) on the inside. The meerkat trio also eat the berries used for said product.