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Yatterman is a 2008 remake of the Japanese animated series of the same name, which is the second installment in the Time Bokan Series. The remake modernizes stories from the original series, which follow Gan and Ai as they take on their hero identities, Yatterman-1 and Yatterman-2, to defeat the villainous Doronbo Gang.

The Takoyaki King (S01E02)[edit]

Fitness Freak (S01E19)[edit]

Gan-chan is shown to have suddenly gotten out of shape, though he claims it's mostly constipation and he'll be okay after a couple of hours in the bathroom. His new size makes his usual hero work (chasing the Dorombo Gang on foot, putting on his costume) an ordeal, though, and he struggles to keep up with Ai-chan and Omotchama when traversing a desert island. He eventually slips on a banana peel, tumbles down a hill and disappears; later stumbling upon Doronjo, it's revealed the fall triggered his digestive reflex, and he's now back to his old self.

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