Yakeppachi's Maria

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Yakeppachi's Maria
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Genre Comedy
Demographic Shonen
Writer Osamu Tezuka
Illustrator Osamu Tezuka
Publisher Akita Shoten
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Champion
Volumes 2
Original run April 15, 1970 - November 16, 1970

Yakeppachi's Maria is a sex education manga created in 1970 by Osamu Tezuka. It chronicles the adventures of Yakkepachi, son of Shunsaku Ban, and Maria, a blow-up doll posessed by a spirit he "gave birth" to.

B.G. Club (Volume 1, Chapter 5)[edit]

Yakkepachi saves Maria from drowning, as she cannot swim, and when she is pulled out she is filled heavily with sea water.

Bloated Ghost (Volume 1, Chapter 6)[edit]

The ghost of Butano Hana, a plump girl who 60 years ago fell to her death while having fun, takes control of Maria's body, making her look very fat, just to visit her ex-boyfriend Kacchan again.