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WordGirl is an educational American animated TV series that originally started out as animated shorts that played after the PBS show Maya & Miguel but eventually branched out into its own full-length show in September 2007 and is still currently in production.

The show's premise follows the titular character, WordGirl, an alien super-hero that was raised by an average family on Earth under the name Becky Botsford, completely oblivious to her origin. Gifted with flight, super-speed, and an expansive vocabulary, she uses her powers to fight crime along with her pet monkey, Captain HuggyFace, and teach people, friend and foe alike, the meaning of different words.


Re-Re-Enter, the Butcher[edit]

WordGirl stops the Butcher's meat attacks by having Captain HuggyFace eat all the meat flung at them until the Butcher tires out.


Pretty Princess Premiere (S02E10a)[edit]

Who Wants Candy? (S02E12a)[edit]

Elieen the Birthday Girl gets noticeably bloated from eating too much candy during the climax.

Chuck's Brother (S02E12b)[edit]

Big's Big Bounce (S02E15b)[edit]

Tim Botsford ends up eating and paying for most of Wordgirl's stock of Mint Supreme Granola Bars, ending up stuffed and lying on the counter, but still eating, when Wordgirl returns home.

The Homerun King (S03E01b)[edit]

Having been appointed the city's new super-hero, TJ indulges himself in donuts and video games.

The Straw That Broke Two-Brains Back (S03E10a)[edit]

Becky misses her chance to attend an ice cream party with her family, which TJ and Mr. Botsford thoroughly enjoyed. Both remain bloated throughout the episode.

Seize the Cheese (S05E01a)[edit]

The Meaty Dimension (S05E02a)[edit]

Captain HuggyFace consumes everything inside the Meaty Dimension, rendering the Butcher powerless.

Hello New Year, Goodbye Moon (S05E07a)[edit]

Bob eats too much guacamole at the Botsford New Year's Party, making it difficult to fight crime as Captain HuggyFace.

"May I Have a Word?" Segments[edit]


Using the same pose from "Re-Re-Enter, the Butcher", Captain HuggyFace eats both prizes and gets bloated.