Wedding Peach

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Wedding Peach is a magical girl manga created by Nao Yazawa and Sukehiro Tomita. It was later adapted into an anime.

Momoko Hanasaki is a middle school student who learns that she is the reincarnation of the legendary Love Angel known as Wedding Peach. Her friends, Yuri and Hinagako, also turn out to be Love Angels. It is their duty to protect humans from devils and defeat Reine Devila, who leads the devil world. They occasionally get help from Limone, a Senior Angel.

Take Care Against Eating Too Much (S01E07)[edit]

Yukiko Kawai somehow overeats and gains weight overnight, as do many other girls. This turns out to be the work of the devil Omanma, who put the essence of fatness in Yukiko's family's rice. When the Angels defeat her, the curse in undone.