Wario World

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Wario World game cover.jpg

Wario World is a 3D beat 'em up/platformer that was released on the Nintendo GameCube on June 4, 2003. It features Wario, Mario's overweight greedy rival, who steals the evil Black Jewel. The Black Jewel awakens, destroys Wario's Castle, and transforms Wario's treasure into monsters. Wario must defeat the monsters, reclaim his treasure, and defeat the Black Jewel, while inadvertently saving the Spritelings.

The Winter Windster is the boss of the Shivering Mountains level. One of the Winter Windster's attacks is the "Evil Eye". If the Windster's eyes glow red, Wario must look away from it. If Wario looks at the Winter Windster during this attack, he will enter Wario and inflate him, causing Wario to float over dangerous spikes. The player must rapidly shake the Control Stick before Wario hovers over the spikes, or Wario will fall onto the spikes.