Włatcy Móch

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Włatcy Móch - a polish cartoon that ran from 2008 to 2010. It is widely considered "Polish South Park", or "Southpark ripoff". The cartoon revolves around four boys and their everyday shenanigans. It was a fad in 2008.

S02E06 Radyjko Babci[edit]

Pani Frał (Ms.Frau) gets stuffed with dumplings.

S03E01 Próhnica[edit]

Czesio has to eat various inedible things to satisfy his "angry" man-eating cecum, ending up with a bloated stomach.

S03E06 Fluder[edit]

Andżelika (Angelica) gets chubbier when she gets injected with a syringe containing Czesio's lympocyte.

S04E06 Pździoszczoła i test z majzy[edit]

Boys swell up due to getting attacked by a wasp to skip a math test.

S04E010 Styl Brusliego[edit]

Rzeński Pjewjosnek[edit]

Anusiak gets stuffed after eating half of school food, because he is pregnant with an alien embryo in order to be the first male to give birth to a baby to get 1 million dolars Maślana wants to get from Rotschild.

Chłopaki Strażaki[edit]

After a dragon was being served wine from the school nurse dressed pretty, the dragon felt sick and drank a lot of water, thus hiccuping and having his belly bloat in order to use "number 1" to take out the fire on the school.