Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (ウマ娘 プリティーダービー, Uma Musume Puritī Dābī; lit.: "Horse Girl Pretty Derby") is a mobile game, later adapted into an anime, which focuses on anthropomorphic, female versions of famous racehorses.

Game Intro[edit]

Oguri Cap is stuffed after overeating in a restaurant


Mou Hanasanai (Oneshot Doujinshi)[edit]


Unknown Episode[edit]

Seen in a teaser trailer, Oguri Cap is shown stuffed at a school cafeteria.

Episode 3[edit]

Special Week gets a stuffed belly after eating to celebrate a victory

Episode 4[edit]

Oguri Cap was briefly seen stuffed in the background when Special Week and her friends looked to see that Haru Urara has returned from her debut race.

Oguri Cap is later seen stuffed after overeating again during a mock race between Special Week and Taiki Shuttle

Autumn Skies and Horse Girls (Episode 6)[edit]

Oguri Cap, Super Creek, and Tamamo Cross participated in the 33rd Eating Grand Prix which resulted in Super Creek accidentally disqualifying herself and Oguri Cap winning and giving the giant plush donut to Tamamo Cross.



A Promise Made (Episode 7)[edit]

After coming in second place in a race to Seiun Sky, Special Week drowned her sorrows out of stress in yatsuhashi the night afterwards and in the following morning, she can be seen a few shots with a small part of her belly poking through her track suit.

Special Week then overindulged herself at dinner the night afterwards at an inn and gained a bigger stuffed belly shown on the car trip back.

For Your Sake (Episode 8)[edit]

During a lunch in the school cafeteria, Special Week was seen with a small budge whereas Oguri Cap was seen in the background with a large bulging stomach soon afterwards.

Spica's Dream (Episode 9)[edit]

After participating a triathlon for training, Team Spica helped themselves to a desert buffet at a hotel and Special Week stuffed herself with tons of dessert resulting in her getting a huge belly.

Echo, Fanfare! (Episode 13)[edit]

As rivals of Oguri Cap from the Eating Grand Prix, Super Creek, Tamamo Cross and Inari One have been shown a few times cheering her on before the Dream Trophy race started with full plates and already full bellies. They are also seen with huge bellies one last time during the Winning Concert as Oguri Cap ended up tied with everyone else.



Uma Musume: OVA[edit]

Special Week and Oguri Cap, were seen with huge bellies in two separate parts.