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UFO Baby is a manga written by Mika Kawamura that originally ran from 1998 to 2002, with an anime series beginning in 2000 and ending before the manga's completion. It follows 8th-grader Miyu Kouzuki and Kanata Saionji, son of the Kouzukis' friend, as they take care of an alien baby named Ruu.

Mikan works at Saionji (S02E21)[edit]

Mikan deflates upon learning that Miyu and Ayumi lost her anatomic diagram. Kanata uses a pump to get her back up.

Miyu and Kanata's first kiss? (S02E22)[edit]

An alien spirit takes over Miyu's body and feasts on Mitarashi; Miyu's soul worries that it will make her fat. Miyu appears slightly bloated when the spirit leaves.