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U. S. Acres is a comic strip published by Jim Davis (the creator of Garfield) in the years 1986-1989, later getting adapted as segments of the TV show Garfield and Friends. It's about the adventures of a group of farm animals leaded by a pig named Orson, supported by a smug rooster Roy who's addicted to pranks, a cowardly duck named Wade, sheep siblings Bo and Lanolin, a chick named Booker and a half-hatched chick Sheldon.

November 13, 1986[edit]

While Roy eats corn, Orson warns him not to eat it too close to the oven. He doesn't listen and as a result, the corn starts popping inside him, leaving him with a distended belly.

January 29, 1989[edit]

Roy wants to wake up Orson using his bugle as usual. Turns out Lanolin has put a balloon inside it, so instead of waking Orson, the balloon inflated, then with the air going back inside Roy.

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