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Turbo FAST is a series based off the Dreamworks movie Turbo. It's about snails who have attached various car and vehicle parts to themselves and race. The show follows the life of the snail 'Turbo' and his friends. Currently, the series is exclusive to Netflix with no plans for televised release.

This is the IBC page.

African Queen (Season 1, Episode 4, Part 1)[edit]

Chet goes crazy by eating too many bananas at the end of the episode before he threw em all up.

Mega Snails (Season 1, Episode 4, Part 2)[edit]

White Shadow ate all the tomato yums and everything else from the snack bar machine and has become a mega snail.

Smoove As Ice (Season 2, Episode 3, Part 2)[edit]

One of these slugs dared Skidmark of seeing the spaceship right in front of his eyes and make him eat a lot of garbage to make himself fat and bloated. (Even White Shadow gotten himself pranked by the raining fruit all over.)

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The Day Mel Fell (Season 2, Episode 11, Part 1)[edit]

When Mel Shellmen got fired, he drives Turbo and the fast crew extremely crazy including White Shadow eating the giant pie getting himself fat.

Deserted Island (Season 3, Episode 4, Part 1)[edit]

While the non primitive ants are about to toss Whiplash into the volcano of fudge. White Shadow made his sacrifice to save his friends before he ate all the fudge.

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Stalks on the Plane (Season 3, Episode 13, Part 2)[edit]

When Skidmark touch the cheese from the taco, he accidentally let it inside of his eye and his body gets all puffed up and rash all over when he gets fat.