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Totally Spies! is an animesque series produced by French studio Marathon and Canadian studio Corporation Image Entertainment and created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel. It originally ran from 2001 to 2007, with a fifth season broadcast in 2010 and a sixth in 2013.

Based on the concept of a girl band, the series follows three Beverly Hills teenagers as they are chosen by the World Organization Of Human Protection (WOOHP) to save the world. The series has developed a cult following, mainly for scenes that serve as inspiration for certain fetishes.

Passion Patties (S01E21)[edit]

The Happy Girl Scouts company is selling a brand of cookies called Passion Patties, which are delicious and addicting but extremely high in calories. After meeting a victim who has gained weight, the spies set out to investigate the mystery as Clover becomes just as addicted as most other people in the town, resulting in her gaining weight in just a dozen hours.

The girls discover that the cookies are a plot to take over the world and nearly every employee is overweight except the creator, Igna Bittersweet, who eventually gets fat and addicted after attempting to force-feed the girls but not affecting any of them except for Clover, and loses the battle to the girls when Clover holds her still and Sam feeds her the sugar additive in her Passion Patties. Jerry seems to have been affected as well, but an antidote is developed and he and Clover are back to normal in the end.

Pageant Problems (S06E05)[edit]

Bertha Bombshell steals an experimental age-reversing serum from WOOHP and uses it on herself. However, the serum has serious side effects that start by giving her elastic abilities.

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