The Wawel Dragon and Queen Wanda

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The Wawel Dragon and Queen Wanda.jpg

The Wawel Dragon and Queen Wanda is a comic adaptation of the Polish folk tale by the same name. The comic was drawn by Grzegorz Rosiński, also known for his work on Thorgal. The legend tells of a fearsome dragon who terrorized the city of Kraków and ate herds of ram.

Fearing for his subjects, the king sends his warriors to slay the dragon. After this fails, the son of a poor shoemaker decides to outwit the dragon. He stuffs a ram skin with tar and sulfur before tricking the dragon into eating it. The dragon panics and tries to quench it's sudden thirst from a nearby river. Because of its greed, it drinks so much that it bursts.


The full comic (albeit low quality) can be downloaded from here. All of the images were sourced from this.