The New Adventures of Nanoboy

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The New Adventures of Nanoboy is a Singaporean cartoon produced by Scrawl Studios Pte. Ltd. from December 2008 to September 2010. It is about Oscar, a nine-year-old boy who whenever needed can turn into Nanoboy, the world's smallest superhero. With his team, Isaac Neuron and Corona Jane (nicknamed CJ), they protect the Microcosmos.

Corona Jane is a reformed flu virus who possesses rubber-like properties that allow her to morph her body.

Attack of the Sparkling Bling Bling (S01E01a)[edit]

Corona Jane becomes like an air cushion to stop some falling statues.

Mitomorphosis (S01E02a)[edit]

CJ turns into a ball and chain to help break into Mito's lair.

Worms (S01E02b)[edit]

After the team's ship crashes because of a worm, CJ acts as an airbag.

Groovy Attraction (S01E07b)[edit]

CJ becomes a ball to get past females controlled by pheromones.