The Mr. Men Show (2008 series)

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The Mr. Men Show is a British/American television series based on the Mr. Men and Little Miss books written by Roger Hargreaves and Adam Hargreaves. It is also the second animated series to be based on them. It is set in the town of Dillydale, where all the Mr. Men and Little Misses live. Each episode contains comedy sketches, dance numbers, and music videos.

Lake (S01E6)[edit]

Mr. Rude is trying to blow up a rubber dinghy, but blows up like a balloon and then comes down.

Construction (S01E22)[edit]

Mr. Noisy tries to explode the big building, but it ends up inflating him and he floats up and away.

Parties (S02E15)[edit]

While Little Miss Whoops is inflating balloons, she accidently makes Mr. Bump into one.

Birds (S02E45)[edit]

Little Miss Sunshine gives worms to a bluebird and is surprised by how much it eats.