The House of Secrets

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The House of Secrets is a DC Comics anthology comic book series that contains stories of horror, mystery and suspense and is famous for introducing the Swamp Thing. Three series were published from 1956 to 1998, the third series being a new concept from DC's Vertigo imprint.

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Almost Human (#129, 1975)[edit]

An entomologist named Martha Kenyon is outraged when her companions try to hunt down people that have evolved from bees in the Amazon jungles. It turns out that she is after the secret of the royal jelly so she can regain youth, and wants to make friends when they encounter the village of the bee people. She happens to be so protective that she stabs a man to death from trying to shoot one of them. The next morning, the bee people capture Martha. Her father, Lyle Kenyon, tries to rescue her only to be impaled by a spear. He survives, and sets off to find her. When he does, he stares in shock but then ends up laughing and crying. Not only has she gained youth, but weight as well, as her compassion towards the bee people gave her the role as queen and fed her large quantities of royal jelly.