The Day My Butt Went Psycho!

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The Day My Butt Went Psycho! is a 2013 Canadian/Australian animated series based on the book series by Andy Griffiths. It follows the misadventures of junior butt fighter Zack Freeman, his butt Deuce, and friend Eleanor Sterne.

Zackster of Disguise (S01E03a)[edit]

Deuce eats a plateful of hors d'oeuvres.

Harmony Day (S01E06b)[edit]

Deuce eats lots of pizza to find one of the hidden rolls of golden toilet paper.

My Milkshake Brings All the Butts to the Yard (S01E07b)[edit]

A flashback to the times Deuce ruined something shows him eating Christmas lights and Zack's pancakes.

Dodgebutt (S01E08b)[edit]

Zack tries to snap Deuce and Eleanor out of a trance with stenchgators, one of which eats Deuce.

How Deuce Got His Stink Back (S01E12a)[edit]

Zack is eaten by a stenchgator, and so is a random butt.

Gran to Gran Combat (S01E13a)[edit]

Deuce inflates after eating an inner tube.

Snoozing Booty (S01E13b)[edit]

After finally waking up, Deuce gets his prize of a lifetime supply of burgers, which he eats all of in one go.

Everybooty Loves the Great White Butt (S01E15a)[edit]

Upon finding the Great White Butt in the house, Deuce rushes to save his stash of gummy buns. He pulls out a safe of them, but goes flying out the house, coming back with the safe in his body.

Eternal Bumshine of the Spotless Behind (S01E18a)[edit]

Suffering from a case of "wipe out," Deuce blows up a glove, and the air shoots back into his body.

Being Deuce (S02E03b)[edit]

Deuce wins a contest to spend a day with Silas Sterne, but Silas ends up becoming like Deuce afterwards, having gotten fat as well. He gets fatter after eating a way out of the Great White Butt's lair when it's flooded with ice cream.

On Golden Oldie Pond (S02E04a)[edit]

Deuce loses his goldfish Owen in the toilet and she returns much larger.

99 Flavours, Buttfightin' Ain't One (S02E05b)[edit]

The Great White Butt grows gigantic after Zack serves him ice cream when competing with Jonas.

Buttnado (S02E06b)[edit]

Deuce wins a pizza-eating contest and eats more afterward, but he gets so gassy that he creates a "buttnado."

The Old Butts and the Sea (S02E07a)[edit]

Deuce blows himself up with a straw.

Bums of Steel (S02E08b)[edit]

Zack tries to convince Deuce that he could use his new super power to help people, such as saving cats from trees. However, Deuce gets an allergic reaction in that scenario.

Backdrafters (S02E09a)[edit]

Deuce inhales the awful smell coming through a manhole and spews it into a jar. He does it again later at a dumpster.

Calendar Butt (S02E09b)[edit]

At the Butt Fighter Breakfast, Silas is noticeably full from all the food they ate.

Eleanor, Smellanor (S02E10a)[edit]

Silas briefly appears as he did in "Being Deuce," as the wild butts referred to him as an "out-of-shape, evil giant."

Prom Prom Night (S02E12b)[edit]

Deuce opts out of the cheerleading competition to pig out on snacks.

Cheeky-O's (S02E13a)[edit]

To keep the Cheeky-O's cereal out of the people's hands, Zack allows Deuce to eat the entire truckload.

Oh Butt Brain, Where Art Thou? (S02E15a)[edit]

Zack goes inside a lion, thinking that Deuce's missing brain might be in it.

The Dark Nugget Floats (S02E16a)[edit]

Deuce smells up the stink from Jonas' mecha-butt.

Bring Me the Butt of Silas Sterne (S02E20)[edit]

When Zack's parents return, his father has a noticeable gut.