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The Crumpets (Les Crumpets) is a French comedy cartoon produced by 4.21 Productions that first aired on 2013-2014. It is based on the Petit Dernier books by Didier Lévy and Frédéric Benaglia. It's about a huge family of people with big clown-like noses. It also has a sequel series known as Teen Crumpets from 2015-2018.

Lil Wrinkly One (S01E15)[edit]

Granny eats a bunch of cigarette-shaped cocoa-patches she discovered to have stashed in her bedroom. Her belly is enlarged, and Lil-One and the rest of the Crumpet family, the McBrisks, and Hurried and Harried assume she's pregnant. But a while after she's caught for eating the chocolates (which Ma accuses her of smoking), she trades them with the children. The other females including Ma have their bellies expand and think they're pregnant, then the males and the Crumpets' dog T-Bone also have this too. Lil-One discovers that pressing their bellies fixes this, but this is not without flatulence.