The Critic

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The Critic
Special Extras Wallpaper 1b.jpg
Genre Sitcom
Developer Al Jean
Mike Reiss
Production company Columbia Pictures Television
Gracie Films
Film Roman
Rough Draft Korea
Country United States
Original run January 26, 1994 - September 2001

The Critic is a 1994 animated American comedy series created by Al Jean and Mike Reiss. It focuses on the life of semi-successful professional film critic Jay Sherman as he navigates life, family, and love, while riffing on popular films. It was briefly revived in 2000 as a Flash animated web series.

Eyes on the Prize (S1E06)[edit]

Jay gains weight on the advice of his clinically imbalanced image consultant. He eventually loses the weight with a year-long liposuction session.

Siskel & Evert & Jay & Alice (S2E02)[edit]

Jay swells up like a blueberry after stealing candy from Willy Wonka.

From Chunk to Hunk (S2E05)[edit]

Jay and his son Marty go to a diet camp. Marty instantly slims down, but later regains his weight after eating the contents of an ice cream store.