The Big Bad Wolf (Character)

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The Big Bad Wolf is male wolf, who appears in a number of traditional folk tales, including Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids.

The Big Bad Wolf is shamelessly after a satisfying meal, and will trick and decieve to make it happen. Though he has been known to swallow adults as large as him, his favorite thing to gobble up are small children.

In Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf first decieves and swallows a frail grandmother, before stealing and wearing her clothes to decieve her granddaughter Little Red into the house, before gobbling her up too. In most depictions of the story, he is then discovered by a woodcutter, and his stomach sliced open to free his prey.

In some versions of The Three Little Pigs, the wolf swallows the first two pigs he encounters in his travels.

In The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, the wolf breaks into a large family home by posing as the childrens mother. He then binges on six of the seven kids, failing to find the last. In most versions of the story, he then leaves the house and finds a quiet part in the woods to sleep, while the restless children scream and cry inside him. The seventh kid and his mother soon find him in the woods, and cut his stomach open to free the children.