The 7D

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The 7D
Disney 7D Logo.png
Genre Adventure
Developer Noah Z. Jones
Production company Disney Television Animation
Country United States
Original run July 7, 2014 - present

The 7D is a Disney XD animated series developed by Noah Z. Jones, first premiering on July 7, 2014. Based on the original characterization of the Seven Dwarfs from the 1939 film, the 7D are now a band of friendly helpers, frequently tasked with defending Queen Delightful and the dwarf population of Jollywood from the machinations of the villainous, swamp-dwelling Glooms.

Starchy Takes A Break (S01E05b)[edit]

While substituting for Lord Starchbottom in the wake of his accident, Grumpy is full after declaring that lunch be served.

Big Rock Candy Flim-Flam (S01E23b)[edit]

Bashful gets rid of the Candy Sprites by giving them Fizz Bop Rocket Pop, which balloons them up and sends them floating away.