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Tenjho Tenge is a manga series created by Oh! great (Ito Ōgure) which ran for 22 issues from 1998 to 2010. An anime series, which is considerably less sexually explicit, was aired from April to September 2004, with two OVAs released in March 2005 and a feature film, written by Metropolis director Rintaro, released a year later.

The story chronicles the rivalry of the Juken Club and the Executive Council, the students' union of a high school designed to teach the art of combat to humans both normal and supernatural.

One of the characters is Emi Isuzu, vice president of the Executive Council. She has the ability to hold in her real weight, which she keeps a secret from everyone except for her enemies.

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Volume 2, Chapter 12

Volume 2, Chapter 13[edit]

Volume 12, Chapter 75[edit]


Illusion (S01E06)[edit]

Breakthrough (S01E07)[edit]

Sprout (OVA #2)[edit]