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Infobox anime
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An infobox is a piece of code you can paste into an article and it generates a box displaying a title and other information. If possible, you should always include an infobox on a page instead of an image thumbnail. The first line of every infobox shares the same 3 fields: name, Wikipedia article and image.

  • Name: This should be left as the name of the infobox, in this case Infobox anime.
  • Wikipedia article: The name of the Wikipedia page the template should link to. This should just be the page name, not the full URL. If this field is left blank then the template will try to guess what the correct Wikipedia page is.
  • Image: The name of the logo image, without the File: before it. Before you upload a new logo to the wiki, see if it already exists on Wikimedia Commons. If it does, you can use the filename there and the wiki will automatically import it.

The rest of the fields are specific to each infobox and include information like publisher, release date, etc. To add a line break to them, insert <br>. If you want to browse examples of how people used this template, you can visit What Links Here and view the code of those pages.


Paste the following code into the article and fill out the fields:

{{Template:Infobox anime|<name of Wikipedia page>|image =
|director =
|studio =
|start =
|end =
|genre =
|episodes =
|total episodes =
|instances =
|expansion types =}}