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Teekyū is a comedy manga that started running in February 2012. It gained an anime adaptation in the same year. It also has two spinoff manga titled Takamiya Nasuno Desu! and Usakame, both of which got their own anime. The series centers on the four girls who make up the tennis club of Kameido High School. However, the focus is mostly on their random adventures instead of tennis.

Castaway with Senpai (S04E06)[edit]

The girls have been stranded at sea for a week, but Kanae and Marimo briefly turn fat for some reason.

Miss Congeniality with Senpai (S07E04)[edit]

Yuri, Marimo, and Nasuno try to lose weight under Kanae's guidance, but they just get incredibly fat in the end.

Deadpool with Senpai (S09E09)[edit]

The girls go to the Hall of Illusions where some illusions are actually real.