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TazMania title card.jpg
Genre Adventure
Developer Art Vitello
Production company Warner Bros. Animation
Country United States
Original run September 7, 1991 - May 22, 1995

Taz-Mania is an American cartoon sitcom broadcast from 1991 to 1995.

Blunders Never Cease (E14b)[edit]

Francis X. Bushlad uses potions in his attempt to capture Taz. One of the potions Francis uses turns him into a giant. However, after the potion wears off, Taz yanks it from Francis and sprays each part of the bushlad's body, including his belly, which becomes bloated for a few seconds

To Catch a Taz[edit]


Recent re-runs of the episode end midway through the sequence.



Original broadcast[edit]

But... Is It Taz (E18)[edit]

Taz had to eat flying hamburgers that made him gain weight. Then he was put on stage with his gained weight while the Platypus Brothers came to make him do a stunt from a high cliff.

Platypi on Film (E25)[edit]

One of the Platypus Brothers, Daniel, ate too much popcorn that he became fat and was crushing his own seat.