Tank Girl

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This article contains images that may be inappropriate or unsettling for minors. Please read with caution.
Tank Girl
Genre Action
Creator Jamie Hewlett
Alan Martin
Publisher Deadline
Country United Kingdom
Original run October 1988 - November 1995

Tank Girl is a British sci-fi comic series created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin that debuted in Deadline magazine in 1988 and ran until its fold in 1995. Still written by Martin, it has mostly been illustrated without Hewlett's involvement since he departed to form Gorillaz.

The series focuses on Rebecca "Tank Girl" Buck, a foulmouthed, punk-type woman living in a tank in a futuristic Australia with her mutant kangaroo boyfriend Booga. The series gave way to a revolution through its vision of the late-80's increase of female empowerment in punk rock culture, and earned a feature film in 1995 that did not mirror the public interest commercially or critically.

Chapter Three: Big Mouth Strikes Again (Deadline #3, 1988)[edit]

After having voodoo magic practiced on her by Doctor Dred, the after effects last long enough to widen her body, much to her inconvenience when she gets back into her tank.

Movie Adaptation[edit]

After telling her backstory as the movie depicts it to two poolside women, Tank Girl is revealed to have gained a lot of weight since then.

The Odyssey[edit]

As Booga is in showbusiness, Tank Girl stress-eats herself to fatness until she is called upon by her lovechild, Telemakeus, to stop Booga from signing a four-movie contract by executive Tony the Blazer. She gets rid of the excess weight by vomiting it up.