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Talking Tom and Friends is a media franchise created by Outfit7 Limited. It was originally called Talking Friends until 2014. The franchise first came out in 2010 as a series of mobile apps, eventually receiving a number of animated web series.

Talking Tom Shorts[edit]

Potions (S01E04)[edit]

The first potion Tom tries inflates him like a balloon, but the second one undoes the effect.

Talking Tom and Friends (web series)[edit]

Hank the Millionaire (S01E11)[edit]

Hank starts a "Cash Kicker" campaign to earn money to buy a hamburger, reaching about a million dollars in donations and then spending it all on hamburgers, promising to eat a hamburger for each and every one of his donors.

Big Ben (S01E13)[edit]

Thinking it will enhance his comedy routine, Ben uses a machine to instantly increase his size. Ginger also bloats up later on to prove how ridiculous it is.

Hank's New Job (S01E41)[edit]

Hank attempts to eat the diner's special "All or Nothing" ice cream sundae that is free to those who can finish it all. However, the ice cream is made of condensed milk, which immediately fills him up after one bite.

Talking Tom Heroes[edit]

Ultra Eating Championship (E16)[edit]