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Steven Universe
Steven Universe logo.png
Genre Action
Developer Rebecca Sugar
Production company Cartoon Network Studios
Country United States
Original run November 4, 2013 - present

Steven Universe is a 2013 animated series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. It follows the adventures of Steven Universe, a half-human, half-magical being hybrid living with a trio of magical girls as he learns to manage his powers.

TV Series[edit]

Frybo (S01E05)[edit]

A possessed mascot costume force feeds people fries. Buck Dewey lies bloated as Mr Fryman is force-fed.

Steven the Sword-Fighter (S01E16)[edit]

Amethyst swallows a magical cloud which inflates her for the rest of the episode.

Future Vision (S01E39)[edit]

Steven imagines the possibility of any danger coming towards him, and one of these fears is being stung by wasps.

Super Watermelon Island (S03E01)[edit]

Malachite briefly inflates before she defuses after Alexandrite shoots her with a light arrow from Opal's bow.

Adventures in Light Distortion (S04E12)[edit]

One of Steven's attempts to revert the Gems to their normal shape causes Pearl to inflate into a ball shape.

I Am My Mom (S04E25)[edit]

Steven creates a bubble while trapped inside the Topazes' fusion, which causes them to briefly expand before they split apart.


Clash of the Gluttons (Steven Universe: The Big Donut Special, 2016)[edit]

While the Big Donut has a blow-out sale, Steven and Amethyst compete in a donut-eating contest with each other. Both of them wind up stuffed after eating all of the donuts with the contest ending in a tie until Greg shows up with Steven's favorite "Father-and-Son Special" to share with him. (Erroneously, Steven's gem is missing in this comic.)

(Issue 30, 2019)[edit]

Amethyst briefly appears stuffed after gorging on marshmallows from a party on the beach.

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