Staines Down Drains

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Staines Down Drains
Genre Comedy
Developer Jim Mora
Production company Flux Animation Studio
Flying Bark Productions
Studio 100
Country Australia
New Zealand
Original run October 2005 - 2011

Staines Down Drains is an Australian/New Zealander cartoon series created by Jim Mora that aired in 2005, with a second series airing in 2010.

The show is about two siblings named Stanley and Mary-Jane Staines who are shrunken down and sucked into a portal in the basement sink to Drainland, a place threatened by the evil Dr. Drain.

Drainland Unplugged (S01E01)[edit]

During their first adventure in Drainland, Stanley and Mary-Jane are attacked by a giant mutant teddy bear cookie monster. Being the bravest of the two, Mary-Jane solves this by eating it. Soon the two are overstuffed and stay like that until they escape a giant rat.

Later, Vegety Bill, Blobert, and Herk spray water to fight back against the Goblers and the potato salad mutant.

Meet Dr. Drain (S01E03)[edit]

Dr. Drain gets his gas mask stuck to the laughing gas canister when defeated by Stanley, swelling him up and getting him treated like a tennis ball.

Land of the Giants (S01E04)[edit]

Mary-Jane is allergic to honey and balloons up whenever she gets close to it.

Later, the Goblers find their parts expanding, making them seem fat for a while, when taking a growth potion.

In the Soup (S01E10)[edit]

Betty's angel and devil appear when she finds an overdue burger, of which the angel force-feeds the devil to get rid of her.

While in the Staines' kitchen, Herk tries chili out of curiosity and cools himself down with water.

Hair Today (S01E18)[edit]

Dr. Drain orders the Goblers to take care of the leaks by covering them up with their mouths.

Dentures of Death (S01E20)[edit]

Blobert and Herk end up with stomach aches after eating moldy cheese.

Kidnapped (S01E23)[edit]

The Goblers fatten themselves up with rotten wedding cake, this making them grow tall enough to capture humans.

The Final Flush (S01E26)[edit]