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Squid Girl is an anime adaptation of the manga written by Masahiro Anbe. While the anime series lasted for two months in 2010, the manga was serialized in July 2007 and is still running as of January 2014.

The title character is a squid-like girl from the ocean to plans for revenge on makind for polluting her home, but when she accidentally breaks a hole in the wall of her planned base of operations, the Lemon Beach House, she gets forced into the job of working as waitress for the Aizawa siblings to pay for the accident.


Won't You Battle for Customers? (Volume 2, Chapter 36)[edit]

Aren't You A Glutton!? (Volume 14, Chapter 254)[edit]

Won't You Become A Daughter? (Volume 15, Chapter 277)[edit]

How About Getting Fat? (Volume 17, Chapter 309)[edit]


How much is that squiddy in the window? (S01E04a)[edit]

Squid Girl buys 10,000 yen worth of shrimp, sets up three plates and eats the whole lot of it, looking very full afterwards.

Wouldn't having a pet be squidtastic? (S01E05c)[edit]

A very small Squid Girl binges on prawns and then a whole lobster, and gets a stomach ache once the camera pans down to her belly.

Ink you can stop it?! (S02E04b)[edit]

Squid Girl attempts to cure her hiccups by making herself happy - she eats a large lobster meal prepared for her.

Squid Meets Grill?! (S02E10a)[edit]

The girls have Korean barbecue, which leads to Eiko having a bloated stomach for one shot only.