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Spliced title.jpg

Spliced is a Canadian animated series made by Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliott for Teletoon and Nelvana. A modern spin on The Island of Doctor Moreau, the show takes place on Keep Away Island. A doctor has created numerous mutants through combining DNA, but eventually gets arrested for it. The mutants then make their own society.

Brothers in Farms (S01E04b)[edit]

Entrée's brother Apéritif, who turns out to be evil, eats him and his friends. Fortunately, they escape by turning Apéritif inside out.

Living Hellp (S01E22a)[edit]

Mole-sters in the Mist (S01E24b)[edit]

A shrunken Entrée eats some bags of mole-ster nibbles.

One Joe Wingus (S01E26a)[edit]

In the segment Entrée's Cook Off, Entrée hosts a fake cooking contest to get others to make him food. When the participants realize his hoax, they make him explosive desserts.