Silly Symphonies

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Silly Symphonies is a series of standalone animatied short films that were produced by Walt Disney for Columbia Pictures and United Artists from 1929 to 1939, although certain shorts have used the Silly Symphony label in the RKO years afterwards. The characters in the shorts do not reoccur like Mickey Mouse or Goofy, but some of them have made special appearances in Disney crossovers like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and House of Mouse.

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Old King Cole[edit]

The Three Blind Mice gain weight from cheese during their routine.

Peculiar Penguins[edit]

A penguin named Peter feeds his girlfriend Polly a fish without knowing that it is a pufferfish. She inflates repeatedly and starts spinning around. Once the fish is out, she gets angry with him and leaves him.

Chicken Little[edit]

Foxy Loxy tricks a group of chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks into going into his cave, in which he eats them all and develops a rotund stomach.