Secret Jouju

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Secret Jouju
Pos jouju02.png
Genre Drama
Developer Young Toys Inc.
Production company Maro Studio
Young Toys Inc.
Country South Korea
Original run November 2012 - present

Secret Jouju is a Korean computer-animated short series based on the girl-oriented toyline Jouju that has run for six seasons as of February 2015 on eight cable channels in South Korea since November 2012.

The series is about fairy Jouju, banished to the human world after falling in love with Prince Louis and becoming a princess. She spends her days sorting out problems with her friends Lily, Rosa and Irene, in order to make their next concert performance work.

Prevent the Black Recipes (S03E12)[edit]

A fake recipe causes every taste tester to grow fat, including Jouju herself for a moment. Lily and the rest of the team, who are still fat, try to undo this curse to save Rainbow Park.