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This article contains images that may be inappropriate or unsettling for minors. Please read with caution.
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Genre Action
Demographic Shōjo
Writer Hidekichi Matsumoto
Publisher Kodansha
Magazine Nakayoshi
Volumes 8
Started July 6, 2014
Ended September 21, 2014
Directed by Masahiko Ōta
Studio Pierrot+
Original run December 1, 2010 - present

Sabagebu! (Survival Game Club!) is a manga series created by Hidekichi Matsumoto for Nakayoshi, first serialized in December 2010 with an anime adaptation produced since July 2014. These are about a transfer student named Momoka Sonokawa, who gets sent to a survival game club by four other students.


Volume 3, Chapter 21[edit]

Momoka eats very high-calorie sweet rolls over the course of a week, becoming very fat as a result. Urara tries her best to keep her affection for her in this new size, but has to help her on her diet. Momoka's mother, however, wants her to be fatter.


Boy Meets Girl of Destiny (lol)/Pigs Who Mock the Will to Lose Weight/My Platy House (S01E04)[edit]

Animated version of Volume 3, Chapter 21. Momoka, however, is even larger and accepts her weight at the beginning.

The Hunting Club!/To Be a Man/HENTAI (S01E07)[edit]

Momoka fears that the masked person will either cut her hair short, force her to wear a track suit and braids or fatten her up.

Treasure Hunter/Idol of Sadness/Survival VP (S01E10)[edit]

Yammy, an idol, has gained a massive amount of weight from heartbreak.

Farewell, Friends! The Last Day of the Survival Game Club!/With Love From the Survival Game Club (S01E12)[edit]

Yammy has regained the weight from episode 10 to make her figure useful in the battle. When revived, she is back to her average size.