Road Rovers

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Road Rovers is an action/adventure American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation that premiered on Kids' WB for the 1996 Fall Season on September 7, 1996. It revolves on a team of hound heroes who defend and protect the galaxy from danger.  

A certain character in the series, named Muzzle, who is always tied up in a vest and having a muzzle in his mouth, is the one that tends to devour the ones he sees as a assist for the Rovers.

Storm From the Pacific[edit]

While the Rovers were dealing with a situation where they have to hold off the door so that the villains don't barge in and attack, Hunter used Muzzle in order to help them. Muzzle gave no mercy on the villains as in the aftermath the room was a complete mess with Muzzle having a stuffed belly.     

Still a Few Bugs In The System[edit]

While being attacked, Hunter whistled to Shag to release Muzzle on the enemies, the Rovers sit back on the couch while the event is going on. In the end Muzzle relaxes on the cage with a stuffed belly.

Gold and Retrievers[edit]

]When Shag was about to be attacks by some monsterous sea creatures, Exile and Blitz quickly release Muzzle to save Shag, but they also watched in disgust as he devours some of the sea creatures, in the end, Muzzle is laying on a bench with a stuffed belly.