Revolutionary Girl Utena

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Revolutionary Girl Utena (Shōjo Kakumei Utena) is an anime about a teenage girl called Utena. In her youth, her parents dies, and she was overcome with great sadness, til a prince came by and saved her. So moved by the prince, she vowed to become a prince herself. The story revolves around her relationship with Anthy Himemiya, the rose bride, and the various trials and sword duels that await them.

Episode 2 - For Whom the Rose Smiles[edit]

We are introduced to Anthy's pet Mouse, Chuchu. He greedily gobbles up a cookie and shows off his puffy cheeks to Utena, but as he swallows it gets stuck in his throat. Utena smiles and gives him a spoonful of her tea, and it washes it down giving him a big belly.

Episode 4 - The Sunlit Garden Prelude[edit]

Nanami is jelous of Anthy or taking the attention of her crush, Miki, away from her. After 3 of her schemes fail during a study group, she brings out a snackbox, only for Chuchu to have eatten it.