Princess Be Careful

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Princess Be Careful (also known as Hime-sama Goyoujin) is an anime produced by Nomad which lasted from April 12 to July 19 in 2006. Himeko Tsubaki is a xenophobic high school girl who accidentally gains a magic crown from a pair of thieves. When she wears it, she becomes a princess. Nana, the true owner of the crown, follows her around to get it back. There are also various others who want to take the crown, including the thieves, Leslie and Karen, who stole it in the first place.

Watch Out For The Princess of Tennis! (S01E02)[edit]

Sobana, Nana, and Himeko hide from Aoi, who offers Himeko a basket of apples, but Sobana believes the apples are poisoned. Aoi tries to prove the girls wrong by feeding the apples to Himeko's teacher Mari, giving her a bloated stomach.