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Potemayo is a four-panel manga by Haruka Ogataya that ran in Moeyon and Comic High! from July 2004 to January 2011. It was made into an anime by J.C.Staff which aired in 2007 from July to September. Sunao Moriyama is a junior high student who finds a small, cute creature in his refrigerator one morning, who he names Potemayo and takes with him to school. Another creature, who is a bit more violent, comes out of the fridge and is later named Guchuko. The series focuses on the daily lives of these and other characters.


It's Christmas! (Volume 1, Chapter 5)[edit]

Potemayo is full after getting snacks from a kind stranger.

I'm the Dad (Volume 1, Chapter 6)[edit]

Potemayo intercepts all the food Koudai tries to feed Sunao.


Christmas Eve Miracle (S01E03a)[edit]

Anime version of Chapter 5.

It's Suddenly New Year (S01E03b)[edit]

Anime version of Chapter 6.

School Festival Part 2 (Special 6)[edit]

While being maids at a school café, Potemayo and Guchuko get into a spat and eat the others' food.